Electric Scissor Lifts

Electric Scissor Lift Hire

Do you need to work at heights greater than ladders can safely reach? Does the job involve working in an enclosed space and on hard flat surfaces such as concrete? An electric scissor lift is an excellent solution for confined “flat slab” lifting applications. At Aussie Access, we offer electric scissor lift hire that allows you to utilise these platforms for short-term jobs, saving you time and money in the long run.


Platform Height 5.8m to 6.1m
Working Height 7.8m to 8.1m
Width 0.76 to 0.82
Load Capacity 230kg to 363kg
Weight 1510kg to 2005kg
View Full Specs Haulotte-Optimum-8.1-Specs.pdf
View Full Specs JLG-1930ES-Specs.pdf
View Full Specs Genie-GS-1932-Specs.pdf
View Full Specs Genie-GS-2032-Specs.pdf


Platform Height 7.92m
Working Height 9.92m
Width 0.82m to 1.18m
Load Capacity: 230kg to 450kg
Weight 2230kg to 2753kg
View Full Specs JLG-2632ES-Specs.pdf
View Full Specs Sinoboom-0808E.pdf
View Full Specs JLG-2646ES-Specs.pdf
View Full Specs Genie-GS-2646-Specs-1.pdf


Platform Height 9.75m-10m
Working Height 9.92m-11m
Width 1.18m
Load Capacity 320kg
Weight 2800kg to 2870kg
View Full Specs JLG-3246ES-Specs.pdf
View Full Specs Sinoboom-1012E-Specs.pdf
View Full Specs Genie-GS-3246-Specs-1.pdf


Platform Height 12m
Working Height 14m
Width 1.18m
Load Capacity 320kg
Weight 3210kg
View Full Specs Sinoboom-1212E-Specs.pdf

What is an Electric Scissor Lift?

Electric scissor lifts are self-propelled and battery powered for use on firm level surfaces. All have non-marking tyres and an extension deck for additional reach. The M4069LE bi-energy scissor lift is battery operated, with a Yanmar engine powering the generator to charge batteries on the go. This 4WD model comes complete with outriggers, non-marking lug tyres and a slide-out extension deck.

An electric scissor lift rental is better suited for indoor use, where electrical outlets are more accessible. They can often be found in shopping centres, retail warehouses and factories. Whether you’re intending to stack shelves, undertake indoor construction work or carry out maintenance tasks, our scissor lift hire can meet your needs.

The Benefits of Using an Electric Scissor Lift

Electric scissor lift rental can be highly beneficial across various industries. Here are the main advantages of hiring a scissor lift:

  • Designed and constructed with the strictest safety standards in minds
  • Can be moved easily from one place to another with minimal effort
  • Compact design offers excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces
  • Can be rented at affordable rates for as long as you require

In addition, electric scissor lifts emit fewer hazardous fumes, require fewer scheduled services, create quieter work spaces, offer greater uptime, and are less dependent on hydraulic oils.

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